The world we inhabit is a very different place at night, particularly in urban areas. I realised that I have a long-held fascination with our world after dark, which led me from just 'taking' night photographs to focusing more seriously on this as a subject in its own right. For a number of years I was taking photographs during this time, either as it was just practical for me or because I enjoyed the look. I love the look at city streets at night, particularly after there has been some rain to add an extra shine to the photos! 


This project explores different locations at night. There is no one central theme to the work, partly as it is a long-term project but also as the world of the night has just so much to explore and offer. My aim is to explore different locations after dark, whether this be my local vicinity or further away. I really like the idea of travelling to other places and see how people live after dark there. My approach to shooting this project is based on Bruce Davidson's idea when he shot Subway, namely that he just shot and shot until themes started to emerge!

It's worth checking back on this page every so often as my aim to have about 20 images posted up at a time, but to rotate the images over time with either new work or photos that have not been previously shown from my back catalogue. If you see an image that you might like to buy as a print, then please contact me. 

Ultimately, my aim is to exhibit some of the work and produce a book of some of the images. However, that's some way off right now!

© 2020 Mark Wylie

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