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Photography for me is as much about getting outdoors as it it about taking images. I love just going out and exploring, whether it be a town, a city, or a quiet woodland. Crashing storms and rough seas, being lashed by the rain and wind is probably the icing on the cake. It’s often when I am out in the elements that I feel most alive.


I grew up by the coast in Cornwall, where the ocean was a constant companion for many years. In Cornwall you often notice the wind by it’s absence, not its presence! This constant ‘reminding’ from the elements probably fuels my love of being outside!

My photography tends to cover three main areas, the night, street photography and life of the British coast. I do other types of photography as well, but these subjects - whether they are the people or the places - tend to be where I focus most of my energy. 


The night has always held a fascination for me, walking around a town at night shows the world in a very different and unusual way. Objects that we would pass without much of a second thought in the day become more interesting or even bizarre at night. 

Street photography is something that I started experimenting with in 2014, a couple of years' after this I started to take it more seriously. It has probably established itself as one of the main focuses for my photography since then.

I work with both film and digital media working in a project-based manner. I've exhibited my work, and hope to do so again in the near future.  I like to create handmade photobooks as a way of presenting my finished projects. 

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