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I am a photographer based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. After years travelling and living across different parts of the UK, we settled into this city around 10 years ago now. Originally, it was meant to be a stop gap for an eventual return to Bristol, but as ever in life, things never quite turn out quite the way you expected! 

As a native of Cornwall, it is perhaps unsurprising that my photographic interests mainly involve documenting the South Coast of England. As a person, being outdoors and exploring is what excites me. I love being near to the sea and seeking out the communities that exist near tidal zones. 

My work is about documenting people as they live their lives, showing what human culture and experience looks like at his moment in time. It is also about photographing the environments that we live and operate in. The approach I use is based on the idea of exploring and getting to know places over time by repeated visits. My images are based on spontaneous and chance encounters, where I am always looking for interesting moments that tell or build towards a story. 

I tend to work within a project based manner. My monthly projects are often based on exploring a singular theme or idea for that short period. However, my longer-term projects, which are shot over a period of years, explore a number of different themes. 

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